Secrets of the Titanic. 1912 - 2012

Secrets of the Titanic. 1912 - 2012

Secrets of the Titanic. 1912 - 2012

Ева и ее семья отправляются в круиз по маршруту злополучного Титаника. Но из-за ожерелья бабушки она оказывается на борту старого Титаника, но не в роли себя, а в роли ее любимой бабушки. Зная прошлое, она должна попытаться остановить Титаник и изменить ход истории навсегда.


Take an amazing voyage between past and present in Secrets of the Titanic - 1912-2012, a stirring seek-and-find journey.

Eva and her family are on a cruise following the same path as the ill-fated Titanic. While wearing her grandmother's necklace, she begins to experience flashbacks and finds herself onboard the Titanic but not as herself, instead as her beloved grandmother. Aware of the past, should she try to stop the Titanic and change the course of history forever?

Play as Eva and step into an exciting time traveling adventure that spans generations. Interact with passengers on the famed ship, search for hundreds of hidden items, play challenging mini-games, and solve trying puzzles. Will she let history run its course, or will her decision ultimately affect the future and her family?

- Set sail on the Titanic in this time traveling Hidden Object adventure
- Switch between 1912 and the modern day as you play in two time periods
- Explore stunning scenes that depict iconic locations of the famed luxury liner
- Interact with passengers while searching for hundreds of hidden items
- Play challenging mini-games and solve trying puzzles

Минимальные системные требования:

- Операционная система Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Seven
- Процессор Pentium 1 Ггц или аналогичный Athlon
- 1024 MБ оперативной памяти
- 400 МБ свободного места на жестком диске
- 3D-видеоадаптер с памятью 128 MБ, совместимый с DirectX 9.0c
- Звуковое устройство, совместимое с DirectX 9.0с
- DirectX 9.0с

Жанр: Поиск
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Полная версия (поставь и играй)
Размер: 202 Мб